The R-B-T - Method

 Since I took my first riding lesson more than 40 years ago, I've asked myself:
Why those trainers /teachers sitting at the side or standing in the middle of the arena and talking about things no one can understand?  
You know this situation? At first, you stand on the ground and think that this 14hh horse is a little bit too small for you. Minutes later on horseback, you think this horse is 8 foot high.. and right at the moment the horse starts walking, you feel like in a nut shell, middle on the ocean in a heavy thunderstorm.... click ...fuses burned!
And your trainer talks to you, to the student in front of you and to some else in your back...he talks, he talks, he get louder... You’re complete confused...  Anything you do is not right for this trainer; anything you've read and learned is blown away. Only crashed ice in your head!
About 10 years ago, during a lesson. I stud in the middle of the arena and realized, that I'm not better than all other trainers! I need to change the way to give my students the chance to understand, to feel, to realize what I'm talking about.
It was the starting grid to develop this new method to train people and horses too.  We call it the R-B-T- Method, what means Ride-By-Training - Method. Confusing?  Right, it is! But all the things need a name, and we call it RBT.
At first you need a well trained horse with a little bit more sense at all, a bit faster as others, a bit calmer as others and able to read horses.
To be used as a RBT-horse, this horse needs some extra training and time, because it will be your first assistant. These horse "tell and translate" the students horse what you talking about. This horse assists the other horse during what YOU ask him to do! The first time the student is more a guest on his horse as a rider. He/she becomes comfortable with the horse and his movements. The student gain more trust in the horse and you can add more safety to your lesson anyway.

 Guiding a student using RBT-Method


At this picture you see me guiding the young student through an obstacle. You see both horses now walking synchronized. I put a little bit pressure to the hindquarter from the other horse to make him move his hindquarter and reduce the pressure to the front legs. The "cues" are small and you need to adjust your "help" from horse to horse. 
Right now we're middle in the production of a RBT - Guide for trainers. Hopefully we'll finish this book till spring time.
If you want to know more about our training method or some help with your own horse training, feel free to write an email.


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About Andy Stewart

Born in '62 as the first child, raised in a small village, started riding as 8 year old. Since more than 20 yrs. in Horse and Agri Business. Pres. of Stewart Enterprices Inc. since Nov. 2011
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