Stall height

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  • 07-17-2006 7:51 PM

    Stall height

    We're going to be building a barn, which my dad is designing. He's a design drafter, so he does know what he's doing. There are going to be two 13'X13' stalls, in the shedrow style, facing south. One thing we aren't sure of is the height of the ceiling above the stalls. Would 8' be enough, or should it be taller? They would spend most of their time outside in a pasture or paddock. The stalls are only for it the weather is very, very bad or one of them get sick or injured. They're probably around 13hh.
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    Re: Stall height

    i would be safe and go taller, you may have 13 hand horses right now but will you always? what if you find a horse that is say 16 hands that horse will not be able to fit in there as easly as the 13 hand ponys. I dont have much room to talk cuz i dont have my own barn, when i go out to the farm i will see how tall our stalls are.
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    Re: Stall height

    Consider your flooring too. I have dirt floors and started using a woody pet type bedding in the fall. I kept adding bedding to give them a comfy stall through the winter. I used care when cleaning the stalls and tried to remove just the poop. Boy! That stuff sure multiplies. I stopped using it a few months ago because I didn't want the horses to hit their heads. Ground level is several inches higher than it was last fall. I have been using shavings for two months now and scrape out the poop and old bedding with a rake to get back down to ground level.
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    Re: Stall height

    That's odd. At my old barn we had dirt floors and the ground kept getting lower and lower. Every summer we'd have to haul dirt in and pack it down 'cause the geldings would make a dip in the middle of the floor where they'd pee.

    The owners that decided to not make the effort to refill their stall (it was a 100% self care facility) would seem to have really short horses by next year, or ones with their butts in the air and their front feet in the hole. I don't imagine it'd be that comfortable for the horse.

    The taller the celing the better. I'd definetly do higher than 8ft. Otherwise the space will be very closotrophobic (even with such a large stall) and it will become very toxic with ammonia fumes even with the doors open, you want space for them to go up.

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    Re: Stall height

    That makes sense. How much higher up should they go?

    I'm not sure what we're going to be doing as the floor. Possible cement, with rubber mats and shavings on top.

    Any good books on barn construction and design?
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    Re: Stall height

    I like just plain packed dirt floors, with rubber mats on top and then shavings or whatever bedding you want to use. Saves the horses legs, even with rubber mats cement can be hard(er). Our barn had a packed dirt floor with rubber mats, and the only maintenance we ever had was to retouch on some places where a boarding mare pawed and pulled the mats up. But our barn burnt down several years ago (no, no horses were in it, thank god)

    The height of the ceilings will in part depend on the type of barn you are building. I like traditional barns, where the roof slopes upwards on each side, creating an upsidedown "V". That way, you can leave the tops of the stall open and not have to worry about ceilings. But if you are planning on having a hay loft or anything like that, I'd go maybe 10, possibly 11 foot ceilings. 10 is probably safe. I think that's what ours were.

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    Re: Stall height

    I would do at least 10' ceilings although mine are 12'. I'd prefer excess clearance rather than not enough. I never thought I'd need that extra height but this year Toby went through a rearing spell in his stall. At that point I was glad of the extra height.

    That said, there are plenty of horses doing just fine in older barns with 8' ceilings and the extra height does add extra cost which may be a factor for you.

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    Re: Stall height

    We recently finished our barn. It is a shed row with a 12ft overhang. The wall height along the back of the barn/stall
    is 9ft. At its center the roof is 12ft. Remy is 15hds and there is plenty of room for him. The added height also gives the barn an open airy feel. To get a better idea you can check out some of the barn company websites such as Ameristall, and Castlebrook barn. Good Luck!
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    Re: Stall height

    My barn 24 X 50 and the ceiling is 13' at the peek. You need to have room in case, (perish the thought) someone rears up, and as someone else mentioned, you might want a bigger horse someday.

    Plus there's re-sale value to consider. I have tall horses, if you were forced to sell your property and I was in love with it, I would stop in my tracks if the barn height wouldn't accommodate my 16H horse Smile

    Your dad being a draftsman, he is well aware it doesn't cost that much more to go higher in terms of the re-sale and appreciation value you would receive in return; not to mention safety Cool
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    Re: Stall height

    "Horse Housing" by Cherry Hill and her husband whose name escapes me is full of useful information. They recommend a minimum height of 11', though I noticed a sample plan in there had 10' at the backs of the stalls, which they didn't criticize like they did the one with 9'. I would go at least 10', more is better if you can do it. And I'm sure you know about protecting light fixtures. Wink

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    Re: Stall height

    I vote for taller too epecially after Ace reached up and unwired a light fixture. Luckally It was one I disconected when I put new ones in but hadn't taken the old one down. I hate to think of what would have happened if it was live with a bulb in.

    If and when I put up a new barn I am going to put in cealing fans.

    Also I like to start ground work in a stall (when I first got into horses there wasnt round pens. I have even gotten on horses for the first time in the stall.

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