Strategy Horse Feed

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  • 09-16-2008 7:12 PM

    Strategy Horse Feed

    I'm sorry if this topic has already been discussed, I'm fairly new to the forum.  However, I am starting to feed my 13 year old mare Strategy Horse Feed.  I have been feeding her hay and rolled oats since I bought her about 5 months ago.  She had a hay belly when I got her and was very lethargic.  However, with the cooler weather and her weight down some she is getting more energetic.  Many horse owners at our barn are feeding their horses hay and Strategy and encouraged me to try it.  I'm slowly going to adjust the amount of oats I've been feeding her to Purina Strategy.  I just wondered if those of you who are using Strategy are happy with it and if there has been any negative reactions.  I want to be sure not to put her weight back on her.



  • 09-17-2008 6:53 AM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    Frankly, I hated it.  My horse had previously been on Nutrena SafeChoice and Empower (another Nutrena product with higher protein/fat).  When we moved to our current barn, barn and local feed store only had Purina products, so for a while we tried barn Purina feed and then Strategy.  I was NOT happy with the results of the Strategy in terms of overall condition, holding weight, temperament, energy, etc.  I ditched it and went back to SafeChoice and am once again very happy.  As we start working harder, I will probably add the Empower back too -- it's great for a boost without making your horse hot.

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  • 09-17-2008 1:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    All of my horses are on Purina Strategy and I am very impressed with the results. I have tried so many different brands of grain and have found Purina's products to be the most consistent and quite honestly I really appreciate their unprecedented guidelines for purity.

    I first learned of Strategy when I was working on a thoroughbred breeding farm in NY. All 200+ horses; Stallions, mares, foals, weanlings, yearlings, training, and sale horses were moved on to Strategy. The results were amazing. The following year we were presented with the strongest, healthiest, crop of foals we had seen in a long time. The horses were exuberant, glossy, and looked fantastic.

    Since then I have always had my horses on Strategy. I do not find any need for supplements, other than the standard mineral salt block, and my horses range from 1 1/2 years to 20 years. I cannot stress enough good about the feed.

    A few years ago I had tried Nutrena feed products and I was VERY unhappy with them. We tried everything that the nutritionist recommended for a 22 year old QH mare, and a 15 year old pinto pony. At one point the pony was getting fed 12 pounds of Nutrena feed split up over 4 feedings, and constant free choice hay.  They were a rack of bones and it was finally our vet who after one of her monthly visits told us she felt the grain was inadequate.

    Now perhaps nutrena, blue seal, triple crown what have you, has different quality from bag to bag depending on where you live in the country I don't know. But I have to say whatever the excuse it is unacceptable.

    I have to say though what makes me feel the best is that no matter where you live in the country, under Purina's strict guidelines the grain will ALWAYS be the same from bag to bag.

    Even if Strategy proves to have too much "good stuff" you should check out Purinas website and learn of the different grains that they have. I know that there are some new ones they have just come out with in another attempt to offer variety to the variety of needs.

  • 09-18-2008 5:50 AM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    Purina lost my trust (I'd already ditched the Purina feed before this) after the recall in NC that they kept undercover and then lied about after horses got sick.  Over the last year, the LAST thing they have is consistency.  I don't care how long you've been in business, all you have to do is hide something one time when my horse's health is at risk and I will never touch your products again.

     That said -- horse feed is like many other things in the horse world, you'll have folks that love it and swear by and others that hate it.  Just like supplements, feeds have different effects in different horses, so each of us can only relate what our own experiences and those of the folks around us have seen.

    Good luck!  :-)

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  • 09-18-2008 8:37 AM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    Well in Purina's defense NO horses got sick from the result of the aflatoxins they found in the feed. Quite honestly I am pleased with the work that Purina has done to get the bad feed off of the market, and the speed in which they had done so. The only reason they found the tainted grain was because of their strict guidelines to check all the grain that is produced, and where the grains come from that they use to produce their feeds. No other feed company has this protocol and if the roles were reversed the "other" companies would never have found the problem until horses were in fact sick, and or dying. There never was any sort of "undercover" part of the ordeal, I'm not sure where you got that information from but it has been posted all of the Internet, news, and every feed store etc. right from the get-go.

    Unless you are privy to information that the rest of the world has yet to see, I just am not sure where you have come up with the facts of horses that have actually gotten sick and or any sort of "cover-up" could just be that everyone here in NH missed that part. But I would love to read the articles if you can provide them. I have included Purina's most recent posting regarding the feed recall dated May 8, 2008 for your convenience.

    "Our recent aflatoxin-related voluntary feed product retrieval has resulted in a number of questions from concerned animal owners. The most recent update on this situation is provided below.

    In mid-February our own incoming ingredient testing and routine state regulatory testing simultaneously indicated aflatoxin above FDA action levels in certain feeds manufactured at our Statesville, North Carolina feed plant.

    We immediately implemented an internal investigation and testing regimen to determine which products might be affected and, as a precautionary measure, initiated a voluntary retrieval of affected products (February 14, 2008) even prior to receiving all testing results.

    Our investigation indicated a single ingredient from a single supplier, serving three Eastern plants (Statesville, N.C.; Harrisburg, Pa.; Guilderland, N.Y.), as the aflatoxin source.

    • We suspended purchases from this supplier and, as additional testing was conducted, appropriately expanded the voluntary product retrieval to include specific products, produced during specific time frames at these plants.
    • Only products distributed in the following Eastern states are included in the retrieval: Connecticut; Delaware; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; North Carolina; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; South Carolina; Vermont; Virginia; West Virginia; eastern Tennessee; northern Georgia.

    Products manufactured at these plants after the following dates are NOT included in the voluntary retrieval: February 8, 2008, Harrisburg and Statesville; March 10, 2008, Guilderland.

    The decision was made to implement the product retrieval through local dealers, whose first-hand relationships and knowledge of customer purchasing patterns offered the best opportunity to get information regarding specific products and lot numbers to potentially affected customers as quickly and clearly as possible. Dealers have been responsive and helpful throughout the process.

    As of the date of this posting, we have no confirmed cases of aflatoxin-related animal health issues. We continue to urge customers with concerns about their animals to contact local veterinarians.

    We deeply regret and apologize for the concern this situation may be causing our customers. Animal health and welfare, along with customer trust and confidence, remain our utmost priorities. We are continually evaluating measures to further strengthen our quality programs.

    For a list of products included in the voluntary retrieval, use the following plant-specific links (link directs to a PDF download on the Purina Mills Web site): Statesville, N.C.; Harrisburg, Pa.; Guilderland, N.Y. Note: No other plants are involved in the product retrieval."


    On another note I do agree with you that horse owners are funny about their beliefs. Most honestly believe what they know is gospel. And typically that is based on personal experience. However no horse is the same and sometimes will not respond exactly the same in different scenarios regardless if it is feed, hoof care, vet care, or training etc. That is all part of the learning curve and why an open and understanding outlook is best policy.

    So for the OP try what you and your vet agree to be best for your horse in it's lifestyle. That is your best bet no doubt!

    Best Wishes

  • 09-18-2008 9:44 AM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    NH Woman Farrier:
    have found Purina's products to be the most consistent and quite honestly I really appreciate their unprecedented guidelines for purity.

    Me too.  I have not tried the others, however, have never needed to.  We grew up feeding Purina and have always fed Purina and always will.  I think the thing with the feed in NC was blown way out of whack, it wasn't a major recall by Purina because it was a very limited amount in a very limited area, and it was a voluntary recall - no horses suffered.  I'm pretty sure if you researched Nutrena or somebody else's history, you'd find product recalls too. 

    I think the new Purina product you're thinking of is the WellSolve.  Have not tried it, has anyone here?  I bet some people may be feeding Purina and not even realize it, they make so many different brands.  We are all Equine Sr. at our house, and although it's getting awfully high dollar, it's awfully good stuff for my ponies! 

    But of course like has been said before, to each his own.  Think how boring it would be if we were all the same?Smile

  • 09-18-2008 9:51 AM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    I'm with you on Purina. I had my horses on it for a while and wasn't liking how they were looking. Mine are on Safe Choice currently and we won't switch from Nutrena feeds again. It's not worth it. Itty gets Empower added when he needs it and for us, Safe Choice and Nutrena are a way better product than the comparable Purina feeds.It was a toss up for us, Nutrena or Buckeye (Ieven prefer theBuckeye feeds over Purina).




  • 09-18-2008 1:16 PM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    Yeah, it was just in central NC that things go crazy (which is where I am).  Heard from several feed store owners that were evaded and lied to by Purina reps.  Now maybe that's just the reps, but like I said, it was one bad experience and that was all it took to turn me off. 


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  • 09-19-2008 7:47 AM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    Thank you all for your comments regarding my question on Strategy.  As an update, I've been giving her Strategy for about 4 days now.  This is a horse that's usually pretty laid back to the point of lethargic; however, when I let her out last night she went running and kicking and acted very much alert about her surroundings.  I'm not sure if it was because of the cool weather we're just getting, or a combination of the feed and weather.  Can Strategy cause a horse to be more hyper then necessary?  The package mentions a "calming affect" however I have had comments saying the opposite.  I'm going to see her today and evaluate her again.  I wonder if just the difference of having a new feed with much more vitamins and protein added to her oats will just take her body time to adjust as well.  I don't want to stop using it prematurely, and I worry about changing her feed too much, but I don't want to give her feed that causes her to be "full of energy" because I don't work her hard enough to make it safe for me.  We mainly just pleasure ride around the barn and trailriding.


  • 09-19-2008 5:05 PM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

     It depends on the horse really.  I would give her a week or two with plenty of exercise to see if it's just a transition period or if it stays that way.  Strategy did make my horse hotter, but that is not always the case, other horses do very well with it, so it really is an individual thing.  

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  • 10-02-2008 7:20 AM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    I just wanted to give an update on the Stategy feed.  And say thanks to everyone who replied - it really helped in knowing what to look for.  I did continue the feed with my horse because I wanted to give it time and see how she responded.  At first she seemed a little jumpy, but I felt it could have been the weather getting cooler.

    So, I have increased the amount of Strategy at this point to 1/2 Strategy and 1/2 oats and she does seem to be doing well on it.  I realize this is not for all horses, because of the negative reaction to some horses.  But so far my mare does seem more willing to work with me, but not test me too much, as I build a trusting relationship with her. 

  • 10-02-2008 7:57 AM In reply to

    Re: Strategy Horse Feed

    Yayyyy!  So glad to hear it, and thanks so much for the update!

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