when round bales get wet

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  • 06-19-2010 7:15 PM

    when round bales get wet

     Is this a problem? they've just started using round bales at our barn, the bales are put in a large circular metal holder (all 4 horses can eat at the same time). But it has rained a coupled of times andthe middle section of hay, which they are just now getting to, is soggy. The hay holder is in the sun during the day.

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    Re: when round bales get wet

    At the barn where I board they actually un-roll the round bales across the paddocks. The hay seems to last longer because it is thinner and can dry out. There are 5 horses in the one paddock including my horse and there's plenty of room for everyone to eat without fighting. The round bales just un-roll like a big roll of paper towels...it's fun!
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    Re: when round bales get wet

    My boyfriends family is in the hay business bailing rounds and squares.

    They feel the roundbales to their head of horses, my boyfriend himself has two horses and two ponies, depending on the season one round will last their horses 2-3 weeks, once again depending on the season and the quality of their pasture. Their horses eat it all the way to the bottom, they arent picky.

    But just recently they cut first cutting and baled a few rounds early while they were still damp to test their new baler. So the hay by the time the horses got to the bottom the end of the bale was black mold and had to burn it. Their first loss, so to speak, in a year from wet hay.

    I have also boarded at a different facility that fed round bales and since there were somany horses they un-rolled the bales as mentioned above, this i was not a fan of as 50% of it got trampled into the mud and wasted.

    You should be fine, just keep an eye on your bale for mold.

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    Re: when round bales get wet

    They will mold under the top layers, you have to pull the wet bits off after it rains. I wish my BO would stop buying them, they cost a fortune and most of them gets wasted now that its raining almost every day in Fl. We have tons of ruined hay rolls in all our paddocks. 
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    Re: when round bales get wet

     Wow, thank you to the 2 who responded. That is all I needed to know. I am sure the bales will NOT be monitored for mold and I can't be there all the time, let alone what do I do if I see it molding? I am moving my horse. That's the last straw for me. Pasture boarding at this barn is not good. That's all I'll say and leave it at that. 

    Thanks againf for sharing what you know. It really helps alot.

  • 06-21-2010 12:18 PM In reply to

    Re: when round bales get wet

    Generally horses that aren't starving won't eat hay if it's not good, and I've never had a round bale last long enough to get moldy.  If you place the bale correctly (on it's side, whole) in the round bale feeder, the rain doesn't penetrate the bale all the way, only the top layer, which gets eaten wet just fine and doesn't have time to mold.  Some of them actually prefer it wet, it's not as dusty.


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    Re: when round bales get wet

    I feed round bales all the time.As txspots said, if the bale is placed on its side in the feeder, the rain doesnt penetrate and the wet hay gets eaten before it goes mouldy.As an added precaution, I've had a heavy-duty vinyl cover made for the top of my feeder so the rain doesn't fall directly on the hay.Works well for me.

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    Re: Wet round bales

    From what I have been told round bales are meant for cows, not horses.
    The problem with them is that as soon as they or any other hay gets wet, mold begins to form.  My horse is allergic to the mold that forms on hay so there is no way I would let her have hay from one.  Mold can also cause colic in horses as well as respiratory problems.  So I would say yes, a wet round bale is a problem.  Hope this helps.
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    Re: Wet round bales

    From what I have been told round bales are meant for cows, not horses

    Round bales of hay grazer, Johnson Grass, or some other kind of hay that is not horse hay would be meant only for cows, certainly, but a round bale of horse hay is a great way to feed several horses (who were made to graze continuously) free choice hay, especially in the winter, we've been doing it in our family for generations as do most horse owners with 2 or more horses in one pen, particularly if they are on a dry lot. 

    I would think it goes without saying you would have to be particularly careful feeding hay to a horse that is allergic to mold, which btw does not form on hay immediately if it gets wet.  If that were true we certainly wouldn't have to be worried about the Mustang overpopulation and horse owners who must wet their horse's hay before it's fed (for various reasons) would be S-O-L   I guess.

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