How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

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  • 01-22-2012 7:21 PM

    How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

     January is ticking right along here.  How are you doing with your new year's resolutions?

     Mine was (no surprise here) to lose weight and get back into shape.  A few years ago I did really well and lost a bunch of weight, but since getting married most of it has crept back on again Tongue Tied

    I'm 5 pounds down so far (although our habit of having a bottle of wine and crackers in front of the fireplace on Saturday evenings may cause complications there!

    I'm also doing "Walk Away the Pounds", an in-home walking program which really seems to boost the metabolism.

    But I also need to start working on my riding fitness.  Admittedly, I hardly ever ride now -- both horses are pretty much retired (not that Star has ever done a day's work in her life) But on New Year's Day I took Annapolis for our traditional birthday stroll and he felt perky enough that I trotted him.  Jeez.  I was all over the place!

    I guess the next thing I need to do is take lessons on one of the lessons horses and get my riding fitness back that way!

  • 01-30-2012 6:37 AM In reply to

    Re: How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

    My New Years resolution is to get back into riding again like I used to do.

    Due to an accident I had (horse spooked; I fell off; broke a couple things) I've lost some of my nerve and I know that the only way to fix it for me is to just get on and go!  Now if winter would just pack up and leave.  There's too much snow and ice to ride where I live and Ginger and I both hate the cold.  When I go to put her out to stretch her legs she looks at me like REALLY! You want me to go out there!?  So we are waiting...

  • 01-31-2012 3:05 PM In reply to

    Re: How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

    i don't make new year's resolutions.  but, i wanted to mention that right now i am reading the book, "it's not just about the ribbons".  i've read lots of positive thinking books, but, not any specific to horseback riding like this.  i haven't ridden much in this weather, but, i think what i learn from this book might help.  i too have become a nervous rider and want to get over it.

    you might get something out of it too, gigisbuddy.

    Gailforce -- Another old lady rediscovering her inner cowgirl.
  • 02-01-2012 7:21 AM In reply to

    Re: How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

    Years ago I made a resolution never to make another one.

     I am happy to say I am still keeping that resolutionYesYes

     Jane, how does your in-home walking program work?

    I need to drop about 25 lbs and I know I have to get "above" my standard physical routines of barn work, hoof trimming, and grooming.

    I also have Grade III Spondylolisthesis. Grade III is pretty d**n bad:(  My lower back has fused itself but I haven't had any new X-rays to see if the middle of my back has done the same.

    Point-being, if I get on a horse once a year for 20 minutes, it's a miracle and my exercising is very limited.  I am thankful I can still do everything I do at the barn.

    Not being as active as I want to be has caused me to gain around 25 lbs.  I still eat the same amount of food but I'm way less active because I wear out so fast.

    So I'd be really interested in hearing how in-home walking worksBig Smile

    Note to all you younger folk that have injuries:  They don't go away, they just keep building arthritis until one day you discover you can barely move.  Take care of yourselves now.  Keep your weight down, and eat as healthy as you can.  Ditch the cokes and potato chips for an apple or banana while you're driving down the road to your next task.

    Too much white flour and things full of preservatives really really aggravate my arthritis issues. 

  • 02-01-2012 8:41 AM In reply to

    Re: How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

     Not being active was why I packed back on the pounds, I'm sure.

    "Walk Away the Pounds" was created by Leslie Sansone.  There are a series of videos/dvd's ranging from an easy one mile walk to a past paced 5 mile walk with weight training intervals.

    Basically four main steps -- walking/marching in place, kicks, knee lifts and side steps. But she switches them around and adds upper body work too - from simply raising the arms in time with the music to actual weight work.

    I tried all kinds of at home videos like Turbo Jam etc. but this is the one I can stick with.  It's low impact, so it doesn't hurt my knee and it's fun.

  • 02-01-2012 12:19 PM In reply to

    Re: How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

    Thanks Gailforce.  It's nice to know that I'm not the only one.  I'm gonna look that book up.  It sounds like a good one to read.

  • 02-04-2012 1:29 PM In reply to

    Re: How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

    Jayne, I'd like to market My weight loss program!  "Calving off the Pounds", we walk - the calving lots, Kick up clods to get a cow to move...  Dance in place to keep warm on those long dark cold nights.   We Trot and lunge and do free weights with pitchforks of hay and water  bucket brigade to thirsty mother heifers in the barn...  In all in the past 2 weeks I've lost 8 lbs.  Combined with this we have all the beef and potatoes and veggies a person could want to eat.    Anyone who'd like to learn about cattle, calving, slow work on colts, come on over!

    Looking forward to Spring.     The horses have been on their winter break, they come in today, (Always the 1st weekend of Feb.) so we can start legging up for spring works.   

    My new year goal is to really get to riding more sidesaddle and hopefully do some competing this year.  After almost 3 years after a head injury, still not 100% in balance, but learning new things every day.    sidesaddle has helped tremendously due to left side not being real strong, so the right leg and balance are better developed.   Keeping it fun and educational has been keeping me interested and motivated.

  • 02-04-2012 1:38 PM In reply to

    Re: How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

    Hi Karice -- good to see you. Had to giggleat your "Calving off the Pounds" weight loss program.  It apparently works better than mine -- I've lost 6 pounds and now see to be stuck on a plateau!

    I rode sidesaddle a couple of times when I was a kid, and loved it.  I haven't had the opportunity since then, but would love to give it a go once again. Do you do on one of your own horses, or a lesson horse somewhere?

  • 02-07-2012 2:47 AM In reply to

    Re: How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

    btw...that book i wrote about...'it's not just about the ribbons' is by jan case.

    i tried sidesaddle once when i was young...omg, how could people do that?  women were obviously by far the best riders in that era.  you can sit like that and then go out and do the same jobs as anyone else....holy mama, that is impressive!

    another side, since weight loss is of discussion here.....has anyone heard of or tried  i am on that site and it is working for me.  having the support group is awesome.

    Gailforce -- Another old lady rediscovering her inner cowgirl.
  • 02-07-2012 12:31 PM In reply to

    Re: How's everyone doing with their New Year's resolutions?

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