Peanut Oil Good for Horses??

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  • 04-28-2009 1:59 AM

    Peanut Oil Good for Horses??

    I just purchased a 22 year old mare, and while she is in good health, she is a little under weight.  I heard that adding peanut oil to her grain will give her a shiny coat and help her put on some much needed weight.  Then, of course, someone else told me that horses do not digest oil well and it is not good for them.  Question, can I give my horse oil to increase her weight, and if so, what kind of oil and how much?  If oil is no good, what healthy food can I give to help her gain.  I have a young clydesdale and this is the first time I have dealt with an older horse,,,please help! Tlhanks!

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    Re: Peanut Oil Good for Horses??

    I know that corn oil is fantastic for helping horses gain weight.  I have no experience with peanut oil though.

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    Re: Peanut Oil Good for Horses??

     Peanut oil has a very high fat content.  This might be a little too "rich" for her, which might make it difficult for her to digest.

    Corn oil is good and horses don't seem to mind the taste.  You can also add wheat or rice bran, which will also give her more calories. Flax seed is also a good supplement.  You could also try vegetable oil (soybean oil), but it is a little more rich and many horses do not like the taste.

    As with any change in feed, start slow.  If you decide to feed an oil, start with just a drizzle.  Work up slowly to 1/4 - 1/3 of a cup and stay with that amount and see how she does.  I know some people feed 1cup of oil, but that seems like an awful lot!

    You could also try beet pulp.  It's a good source of fiber and is higher in calories than any other forage, so it sits right between being a forage and a energy feed.  I prefer to feed it soaked - my ponies really like the hot mash it makes.

    Good luck with your new horse.   


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    Re: Peanut Oil Good for Horses??

    The #1 choice for weight gain out here is canola oil.  Start at 1/4 cup and increase by 1/4 cup a week until you're feeding the amount you want.  Don't go over 2 cups, because then it becomes a laxative!  My mare is getting back to the condition we want, so I'm going to start decreasing the oil this week.  She's been getting a cup a day.

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    Re: Peanut Oil Good for Horses??

    Thank you so much everyone!!  I will definitely try the oil.  I feel better talking to everyone!!

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    Re: Peanut Oil Good for Horses??

    Hi, I had an older gelding that need weight added on.  What we did was put him on a senior feed mixed it with beet pulp and put in the 1/4 cup corn oil.  Worked up the corn oil slowly to 1/2 cup.  Worked wonders.  My silly boy didn't like the beet pulp at first....I learned quickly that I had to actually mix it for him or he would dump out the beet pulp..LOL.  Good luck!

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