Gluquestrian Powder? Other joint supplements?

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    Re: Gluquestrian Powder? Other joint supplements?

    Do the math on the Gluquestrian, the 1,000g container is $165... and there are 5 levels of dosing. 

    Level 5 - Severe Issues - Navicular Syndrome - 1 month supply ($165 for 2 or 3 months, usually, then step down as healing occurs)

    Level 4 - Therapudic (Serious, but either still ridable or pasture pet) - 2 Month ($82.50 a month for 2 or 3 months usually, then step down a level as healing occurs)

    Level 3 - Competitive -3 Month Supply ($55 a month - during the competitive season, drop to Level 2 off season)

    Level 2 - Maintenance - 4 Month Supply ($40 a month - during riding season & cold weather, can usually be lowered for pasture pets once healing has occured - this is where MOST ADULT HORSES FALL, on the 2nd or 3rd container, after the initial loading dose).

    Level 1 - Preventive - 8 MONTH SUPPLY ( $20 a month - for horses under 12 that aren't being riden hard or trained hard, or having any joint issues).

    It's flexible quality. And the Level 1 dosing is more bio-available and used by the body that most competiting joint supplementswith 3 to 5 times the amount of glucosamine HCl. And, another key point, MD's Choice guarantee's 3 containers... that's an aweful long time, even at the Level 1 (12 weeks) to Level 5 (24 MONTHS). Seriously, name ANY company that stands behind their product that much! If you want to compare price, do so at the level you will be using, and factor in what happens if the 'other stuff' doesn't work. The answer is simple, either Gluquestrian helps solve your horses joint issues or you get your money back. With OVER 95% sucess with Arthristis, over 90% with Spavin, over 87% with Navicular Syndrome, move than 60% with Founder (caught within 6 months, nearly 90% sucess when caught within 2 to 4 weeks). People can help you determine proper dosing to maximize your sucess... it's all 'time or money' - and since 1995, we've experienced just about every type of joint issue in existence... with incredible sucess! Guaranteed!  

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    Re: Gluquestrian Powder? Other joint supplements?

    Check out - yucca has issues with daily prolonged use.

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