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  • Re: I Want To Hear About What You Wear in Those Freezing Cold Months

    I totally live in an insulated flannel shirt/jacket when it starts to get cold. They're not bulky at all but have lots of room underneath for layering. I also buy plenty of those cheap little acrylic gloves you can get for like $1.50-2.00, also great for layering under heavier gloves. I tried the silk underwear thing but it actually made me feel colder--go figure. I have been accused of being backward so even though it didn't work for me it must work for others! I love those quarter sheets
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by arabpaso on 11-02-2009
  • Re: Gaited Horse Saddles--General Question(s)

    I was told that you can use a regular saddle on a gaited horse. You just need to move it back about a hands width from where you would normally place it on their back to allow for more shoulder movement. That's what I've always done with my peruvian--I use a cordura western saddle that happens to fit him perfectly and just move it back. He has been just fine with that--no problems at all.
    Posted to Gaited Horses (Forum) by arabpaso on 11-01-2009
  • Re: i have a pet horse now and not sure what to do

    Hi, here's something that may help your horses injury--it worked wonders for my old arab. I have also been using SafeChoice for him with great success as he is also a hard keeper and this product helps keep the weight on without making him hot. It was recommended by my vet.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by arabpaso on 11-01-2009
  • Re: I want to own and learn on my own horse, but am I right for a horse?

    Welcome to the horsey world!! I always wanted a horse too and sort of fell into it almost 15 years ago. Got a free horse that was basically a rescue. He had some physical issues that required expensive supplementation and after a few years had to be retired. But we sure had fun hitting the trail while we could and he taught me a lot. I agree that you should take lessons first and have your trainer go with you to pick out that rescue horse when you're ready. They can help you find a more suitable
    Posted to Getting Started (Forum) by arabpaso on 11-01-2009
  • Re: my horse keeps turning her back to me.

    A couple of the horses where I board do that too but I found out it's because they want their butt scratched!! My sister, who also boards there told me that she uses the poop scoop rake to scratch on them and they love it.
    Posted to Gaited Horses (Forum) by arabpaso on 09-27-2009
  • Re: To shoe or not to shoe?

    My sister has a little foundation bred QH gelding that really changed the way we think about shoes vs barefoot. We had a farrier that actually kept putting smaller shoes on him because his heels were getting so contracted. Then the horse went navicular and we were suddenly faced with putting him down. I was determined to find something to help and did some online research. Imagine my surprise when I came across a site that claimed navicular could be cured with a Strasser trim!! I printed the info
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by arabpaso on 09-24-2009
  • Re: Gluquestrian Powder? Other joint supplements? I used this on my arab when I first got him. His joints had gotten so stiff he could hardly get back up after laying down. The vet even said he might have to be euthanized if it got any worse. But this stuff was like a miracle--my horse started to show improvement after a few days and kept getting better.
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by arabpaso on 09-17-2009
  • Re: Help With Your Riding Confidence: What Are Your Issues?

    [quote user="cfalco"] It sounds like your horses have given you no reason to fear them while riding, and its just a personal hurdle you have to get over. Try to find a qualified instructor in your area, with a good reputation, and sign up for some lessons. Be honest with the instructor and the should be able to work with you. You live life in fear of "what might happen", you have to make the surroundings as safe as possible, so that you can attempt to have a safe a pleasurable
    Posted to Horse & Rider (Forum) by arabpaso on 09-07-2009
  • Re: Help With Your Riding Confidence: What Are Your Issues?

    When I got my first horse about 14-15 yrs ago I just got on and rode. I tried to do what more experienced people told me to and did ok for quite awhile. Then I read and heard about some serious accidents other people had with horses and it really scared me! Even though my own two horses had done nothing wrong I was terrified of some freaky thing happening. I had to force myself to ride anyway but I was so tense all the time it was hard to enjoy it. As time has passed however, I've been able to
    Posted to Horse & Rider (Forum) by arabpaso on 09-06-2009
  • Re: Rain Rot ????

    For rainrot like you describe on your horse I read that just sunlight will kill the bacteria. My older arab had that problem a couple times and I basically didn't do anything except groom him and keep him dry--out of the rain, etc. Sure enough the hair stopped falling out and grew back in the bald spots, all on it's own. He also had scratches on his fetlocks a couple times and the skin was red so I put tea tree oil on it and it looked better the next day so I kept doing that until it was
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by arabpaso on 09-05-2009
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