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  • Re: Lame Horse

    quick update: there was a vet in our area sunday (they only come a couple times a year for shots and the annual checkups, if you need to, you usually have to haul 2 hrs to their office). but, occasionally when they take a weekend to the ski hill, they'll let us know they are in the area and will see horses if needed....anyhooo. i called hoping he could come by, but, his friend ended up getting a concussion on sunday and they had to go to the hospital, so, he couldn't come by. so, called my
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-22-2012
  • Lame Horse

    my horse is quite lame on his rear right. he was running loose in the arena and all of a sudden he kind of bunny hopped and then pulled up holding his leg in the air. then he hobbled over to me. i didn't really see anything happen, but, i think he might have hit his cannon bone with his front hoof. or stepped wrong and twisted his ankle a bit. i was watching him and he was flying but i didn't really see him stumble or anything specific occur. there's no heat or swelling anywhere. his
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-19-2012
  • Re: I lost my confidence!

    right now, i'm reading 'it's not just about the ribbons' by jane savoie. it might help you. it discusses positive thinking and visualization and i am finding it useful for my nervouseness with my horse.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-17-2012
  • Re: Picking a name for a new horse who is a young cute gelding

    toffeefay, burnt candy, mars (mars bar), lindor (it sound pretty)................. do you want a barn name that you call him by or a longer show name?
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-17-2012
  • Re: my rescue horse

    i know everything's been said, but, i gotta through my 2 cents in (and take it at face value ) you got a rescue animal--here's my most recent 2 rescues....... #1--my horse: i was told he was 5 yrs old and and they had taken him on a couple trail rides and he was excellent. due to the freeze brand on his neck, i traced that he was just turned 3 yrs old and was a racehorse. whatever trail rides they did, obviously he was just sticking his nose to the horse tail in front of him and going along
    Posted to Western (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-17-2012
  • Re: Winter Sledding

    yikes, been there, done that. these ideas seem so good initially, don't they? too bad not everyone envisions the same outcome that we have in our head.....hahahha.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-16-2012
  • Re: Snow Riders

    when i was little and got my first pony we had some fun winters. i think we were probably lucky no one got hurt though....LOL. my mom would rig up a harness out of ropes and attached 2 toboggans behind my pony. then with my mom in front driving, a bunch of us kids would pile on the 2 toboggans and that pony would take off!! if you fell off the first toboggan, sometimes you would get run over by the second toboggan....HAHA! but, no matter what, if you fell off you had to chase after and jump back
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-13-2012
  • Re: My War Horse

    i thought it would make me cry. we were all prepared for it. but, it didn't. the barbed wire scene brought my heart into my throat a bit. but, overall, the movie was a bit more disneyish than i expected. and i thought there would be a sad ending and there wasn't. all in all, we enjoyed it though.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-13-2012
  • Re: Don't Know Why I Looked....

    he's got a lovely face. good thing texas is so far away....
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-13-2012
  • Re: "This or That"- Game

    [quote user="Scout's Mom"] Giants - only because they won LOL! [/quote] oh you big cheater!!!! haha..... Indiana Jones for sure!!! Going out--Saturday night drinks or Sunday brunch??
    Posted to Off The Wall (Forum) by Gailforce on 02-13-2012
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