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  • Re: "This or That"- Game

    Only in extreme conditions. But I have a young furball and live in TX, so it's easy to say! LOL Go out for a movie or DVD at home?
    Posted to Off The Wall (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 02-20-2012
  • Re: "This or That"- Game

    That's easy - steak! I hate fish. I like some dishes with shrimp, crab, or scallops, but thoseare all seafood, but not really fish, lol. Now my Q - to preserve your horse on digital "film" (either at liberty or in competition): Professional video or stills?
    Posted to Off The Wall (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 02-01-2012
  • Re: Horse will come to others, but not me.

    You may need to watch your body language. FH mentioned it a bit with the focused eye contact, but there's a lot more to it. How you stand, which part of the horse (if any) you look at, how tense you are, how fast/slow you move, and so on. If you are just out there "for a bit" you may be thinking about other things (where you just came from, how soon you need to leave, what will happen at the next place you need to be, how frustrated you were the last time you visited him) - all of which
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 02-01-2012
  • Re: Places near beach with summer weather to move with my horse!

    How about Houston? Several people from my barn (just south of Houston, about 20 minutes from downtown) actually just went to the beach for trailrides recently. Lots of opportunities (at all levels) for showing and clinics in h/j, dressage, and eventing. Probably western, too, I just don't know the people doing it, lol. Also lots of barns to just board your horse until you have time to go hang out with him. Housing is realtively inexpensive, employment is good (especially compared to some areas
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 02-01-2012
  • Re: Best Gloves for Hunters/Equitation?

    Glad you found some you like. The SSG "All Weather" last much longer than the $5 cotton ones, but they cost more like $20-22. Hope you like the Ariat ones - since the company was built on the idea of "sports" clothing/shoes for equestrians, they should be pretty good.
    Posted to English (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 01-23-2012
  • Re: Best Gloves for Hunters/Equitation?

    Just wondering which SSG gloves you tried. I've had some pairs that wear out in a month or 2, and others that last for years (and are very comfortable). The 100% cotton ("gripper") gloves are nice in the heat, but (at least w/ my sweaty hands) fall apart in a season or less. But since they only cost $5-6 it's probably to be expected, and it doesn't bother me too much to replace them. The crochet back/pigskin palm gloves are really nice, but can't be thrown in the washer
    Posted to English (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 01-20-2012
  • Re: How to Use Spurs Properly?

    When you use your calf, you should be using the part above the ankle bone, not the"meaty" part that is directly above the spur. Try thinking of (not actually doing it, though, lol) squeezing with your knees - you can't do it w/ the BACK of your knees! So if your legs are in the position you need to squeeze w/ your knees, you should be able to give a little squeeze w/ your calves.
    Posted to Western (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 01-20-2012
  • Re: Need breeches

    While full seats are "proper" for dressage, knee ptach breeches are not improper. Wear what feel most comforable to you. If they make you uncomfortable, it will affect your riding! I really like TS breeches , but don't really like the price, so I only buy them on sale, lol. They are the best in the hot sticky summer that seems to last 10 months (or more) here in Houston. (Just FYI, today's high is 78!) However, as a very short-waisted rider, I have to say that you must first find
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 01-17-2012
  • Re: Need breeches

    I have these half chaps . Ride in them 2x/week, and the've lasted 5 years (I think - I don't remember exactly when I bought them, but it was at least 4 years ago (before I moved to TX), proabably longer. Some of the stitching (on the left leg's "patch") is coming undone, but other than that they look like they did when Igot them. Plus, they are machine washable. (If you don't mind horse stuff in your washer, lol.)
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 01-17-2012
  • Re: Help With Your Riding Confidence: What Are Your Issues?

    Lessons, lessons, lessons, lol.I have been there. And still am when I'm on a strange horse (or just having a bad day on some horses). You need to ride a horse that doesn't need your confidence to get and keep a steady, balanced canter. I have no idea if your horse is that kind of horse, but most places that have multiple school horses have a few "confidence builder" horses, or even easy canter horses that are typically students' first canter lessons. Ironically, the best thing
    Posted to Horse & Rider (Forum) by schoolhorserider on 01-16-2012
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