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  • Winter Sledding

    FLYING SAUCERS I wasn’t about to let anything like freezing weather and snow keep me from riding my horse. I had thermals to wear under my jeans, a couple pair of thick socks and a ski mask with the eyes and mouth cutout making me look like I was ready to stick up the closest convenience store. Besides, I was going to use the snow to my advantage. We didn’t have any decent hills near our home to sled down, so I had the brilliant idea of pulling my brother through the snow on my horse. I could picture
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by horsecrazyinaz on 02-14-2012
    Filed under: Snow Riding, Calamity Jane, Sled
  • Horse Crazy

    Horse Crazy To say I was “Horse Crazy” in the 60’s is like saying “War and Peace” is a good book or the “Mona Lisa” is a nice painting, it doesn’t begin to give an accurate description. Mom said I came by it naturally because her father loved horses. Add to that the television genre for that time period was Westerns and it is no wonder I grew up believing my life was incomplete until I had a horse. We lived in San Diego and not only did I not have a horse, there were none close by and I didn’t know
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by horsecrazyinaz on 02-10-2012
    Filed under: TV Westerns, William Smith, The Virginian, Horse Crazy, Laredo, James Drury
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