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  • Re: fly sheets in the heat

    I second the general opinion of remove the sheet/hose/sweat scrape very thoroughly/replace sheet. As far as fly sheets/heat are concerned-I think it also depends on the sheet itself as much as anything else. We are in the low desert in AZ where summer temps may exceed 115 degrees-so I look for the lightest nylon mesh sheets I can find. Sometimes lined shoulders increase sweating a bit (and I'm not crazy about those sheets that seem to be made out of some kind of stiff plastic material)...but
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by 709651 on 06-06-2011
  • Re: Position of foot in stirrup

    More to the point-can anyone provide justification for "always" having the stirrup on the ball of the foot? Seems to me we sometimes get carried away with "form" to the dismissal of function...I believe that different disciplines/activities (e.g., an eventer riding cross country vs. an equitation rider) virtually necessitate a variable placement. My personal feeling as a rider/trainer? Basically-do whatever works for you in the situation you're in!
    Posted to Horse & Rider (Forum) by 709651 on 04-27-2011
  • Re: Leg position

    Yes-I do, and my situation is caused by the fact that one of my legs is much less strong than the other (in my case, it's also my left leg that slips forward, creeps up, etc). I once injured the leg in a riding accident, and it has never been as strong as my right, since. I wonder if you have a similar sort of issue...Additionally, just as we are all "handed", so are we all uneven in strength from one (typically the more dominant) side of our bodies as compared to the other. I would
    Posted to English (Forum) by 709651 on 05-19-2010
  • Re: eaten alive by bugs!

    Here's a fly spray recipe that's very good-you can mix up a batch and spray (dilute with up to 8 parts water), or sponge it on full strength to heal irritated areas: 24 oz Avon Skin So Soft 32 oz witch hazel 1# epsom salts You can do the math and make smaller quantities. Great repellent effect and also healing. Hope it helps!
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by 709651 on 07-01-2008
  • Re: The Price of Gasoline is over $4 a gallon now!! How is it affecting your horse life?

    Attendance is way down at all horse-related activities in my area (MA)-we are all trying to ride close to home, show close to home, etc etc. Just a word of caution on "sharing" trailering with someone or trailering friends, etc-be very careful of liability issues should any sort of problem arise. Check your insurance policy-you may/may not be covered (probably are not, unless you hold commercial insurance). Friendships can dissolve in a heartbeat if something happens-you wouldn't want
    Posted to Dressage Today (Forum) by 709651 on 06-23-2008
  • Re: My kicking horse

    John Lyons Perfect Horse magazine did an article a while back (I think) on the issue of kicking (didn't specifically deal with horses who only kick when being passed, but kicking is kicking and should respond to the same sort of training)-you might want to research the archives for the article.
    Posted to Western (Forum) by 709651 on 06-23-2008
  • Re: Suddenly Spooky

    Just because things "have always been around" doesn't mean that your horse won't spook at them as if she has never seen them before. If physical issues are ruled out (and is your horse getting sufficient exercise? Have you changed her diet? etc), I would suggest starting a de-spooking program. Can't hurt, in any case! "Bomproof Your Horse" by Rick Pelicano contains tons of simple despooking exercises. Repetion and consistency is key!
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by 709651 on 06-09-2008
  • Re: Weak Rider Legs

    A walking regimen can be helpful-also boosts the spirits and can reduce fatigueability. Don't be too discouraged-there's always room for improvement, no matter the starting point!
    Posted to English (Forum) by 709651 on 06-02-2008
  • Re: Fly Advice

    Here's a fly spray recipe to try-you can do the math for smaller amounts. This can be sponged on full strength or dulited with up to 8 parts water for a spray. I have tried most of the feed-through fly control measures (eg garlic, etc)-they don't work. At least this formula is good for your horse's skin (eg sweet itch, etc)-and also repels bugs really well. Hope it helps! 24 ounces Avon Skin So Soft 32 ounces Witch Hazel 1# Epsom salts
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by 709651 on 05-21-2008
  • Chomping and Chewing-10 year old gelding!

    I have a 10 year old Paint gelding that I ride in a full cheek/English. This horse is UTD on dentistry, so I know there are no dental issues...anyway, he sometimes chews pretty aggressively on the bit under saddle...not all the time...seems to happen when he's a bit stressed/is not getting his own way. Anything I can try to make him more comfortable? I really feel it's an emotional issue with him...
    Posted to English (Forum) by 709651 on 01-08-2008
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