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  • More progress with Al

    Hi Wendy! Great to see you back here! I've been working Al on the snaffle (long lines) to get him responsive and supple before I get on him. He now backs up vigorously with the slightest pressure on the bit but his turns still need some work. Yesterday we had an away-from-pressure ground lesson. It was his first in a very long time since I abandoned all attempts at ground training right after he first got here more than a year ago due to his proclivity to panic over everything. His resistance
    Posted to Off The Wall (Forum) by FloridaHorseman on 02-22-2012
  • Re: I have a question

    [quote user="48northfarm"]You don't need a lesson from an instructor or trainer for that, it's easy enough to do yourself. Just start by using both reins to turn, the inside rein giving rein pressure directly--what the horse knows already--and the outside rein giving rein pressure indirectly, a neck rein, at the same time. Lessen the direct rein as you strengthen the indirect rein until you're using the indirect rein--the neck rein--all the time. There you go, your horse neck
    Posted to Horse & Rider (Forum) by FloridaHorseman on 02-18-2012
  • Re: Trainers Fees

    To be clear, are you referring to an actual horse trainer or a riding instructor? And will a full range of disciplines in either be offered? The protocol can be anything you want it to be. But in my past experience if a trainer wants exclusivity at a barn they usually lease the facility for that option. If you agree to a percentage and the trainer isn't very busy you've essentially given up control of your barn property for what may add up to a pittance. And an exclusive resident trainer
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by FloridaHorseman on 02-18-2012
  • Al working on long lines

    Al didn't have as much time on the snaffle bit as he should've so I put him on long lines to teach backing up. Just past the halfway point in the video you will see the light bulb start to go on. And yes. I work without gloves in the round pen. I have my reasons. But YOU should always wear gloves with horses on a line. And yes. That saddle does not fit him. I only used it to run the lines through hobbled stirrups. He now has a NEW $600 saddle that does fit him.
    Posted to Off The Wall (Forum) by FloridaHorseman on 02-17-2012
  • Re: my rescue horse

    [quote user="spragueme"][quote user="48northfarm"] [quote user="spragueme"] Could be that he is so well trained, that if you are not using your legs and seat to steer and just pulling on a rein, he is gonna go where your legs are telling him to and just trying to flex his head around, trying to figure out what you are truely asking of him. [/quote] Unlikely. In order to learn turning off the legs he needed to learn turning off the reins, first. [/quote] Very likely if
    Posted to Western (Forum) by FloridaHorseman on 02-16-2012
  • Re: Al is back home...

    [quote user="FloridaHorseman"]...and, for now, things are back to normal at Rancho FH.[/quote] I spoke too soon. Went out to feed the horses this morning. Al even remembered the usual spot where "his" feed bucket hangs on the fence. But Jack was nowhere to be found. I assumed he was hiding in or behind the barn but he wasn't there either. I called his name several times and finally heard a very muted whinny coming from the woods on the far side of the creek. The poor guy had
    Posted to Off The Wall (Forum) by FloridaHorseman on 02-11-2012
  • Al is back home...

    ... and, boy, is Jack pissed. Even under a fly mask I could read his body language and ears: "Oh, no! Not HIM again!" It took Al almost 30 minutes of prancing and snorting to figure out where he was before the games began in earnest. The whole 90 days he was at the trainer's he was stalled, except for lesson sessions. Talk about stored up energy... he must've rolled six separate times before he spotted Jack and gave a few good chases. Jack finally found a hiding spot behind the
    Posted to Off The Wall (Forum) by FloridaHorseman on 02-10-2012
  • Re: Annapolis Update

    That's great to hear about Annapolis, Jayne. Did somebody slip him a "little blue pill"? LOL! ~FH
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by FloridaHorseman on 02-07-2012
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