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  • Re: Horse Ownership

    Unfortunately I have to agree with everyone else. When I was in school I worked part-time and made about $150 per week, which was enough to cover expenses for my horse and my own expenses (gas, car, etc). However, board was only $300/month and I also worked at the boarding facilities to help pay for some of that, as well as lessons. On average, I probably spent about $50-100 on my horse on top of board. I also had to pay for gas, about $20/week just going back and forth to school and the barn (which
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 01-12-2012
  • Re: Feeding an older horse

    I've never heard anything about the arsenic and I'm sure that if it were true we would all hear a lot of controversy about it. That being said, I think you should stick to the senior feed. If it's a sweet feed, I might suggest switching to a pelletted version. The added sugar in the sweet feed can cause a lot of metabolic problems with your horse. If your horse has problems chewing, soaking the pelletts could help make them easier to digest. I would also suggest feeding a lot of hay and
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 01-12-2012
  • Tips for Keeping Aging Mare in Good Condition

    I have a 15 y/o Morgan mare, who is currently in great condition and has had no major health problems since I have owned her (knock on wood). I would like to ensure that she stays healthy as she gets into her senior years. She is the only horse that I have ever had so I would like some tips to keep her in top condition. Here is a quick synopsis of her regular care: Workload Summer: 5-7 moderate-heavy rides/week Winter 3-5 light-moderate rides/week Trailriding, lateral movements, cavaletti Feed Unlimited
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 09-20-2011
  • Re: Equine Jobs/Interns

    Thanks for the websites. I found a few jobs that looked pretty good, but unfortunately I couldn't find many in Vermont...I might check with the equine vet in the area also. But again, not many around, the closest is almost an hour away...Thanks for the sites thought, I'll keep looking.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 05-04-2011
  • Equine Jobs/Interns

    Hello. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for finding jobs or internships working with horses or if anyone knew of any available in the Vermont area. Thanks!
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 05-03-2011
  • Re: Shedding winter coat

    My mare is black and her winter coat that she loses in the spring is a bay/reddish color, but once I can finally see her summer coat, its a very shiney black so I think you should be all set.
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 04-05-2011
  • Gymkanna Tips

    So one of my friends convinced me to do a gymhanna show (didn't take much) that is coming up this next weekend, its a relay for life benefit and I was just looking for some tips. Neither me or my horse have done this before last week, but she seems to love it. I've been working on doing small figure eights with lead changes and some halt-canter-halt transitions wither her as well as running through the patterns. Any tips or exercises would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 05-30-2010
  • Re: Dealing with a "Kicker"

    I've never had to dealwith this personall, but the previous advice sounds like a good idea. I've also heard that putting a lead line around the leg and rubbing up and down will also help, but I would try just running the broom or whip down the legs first since that will be easier to avoid getting kicked. Doing some work in the round pen would also be helpful to get some overall respect from the horse.
    Posted to Horse & Rider (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 03-10-2010
  • Re: 5 hours old our new colt....Paisley

    So cute!! Hope everything is going well!
    Posted to Foal Watch (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 03-09-2010
  • Re: What is a roll about?

    My horse never rolls all the way over. She will roll on one side get up, lay back down and roll on the other side. I seriously think she's afraid of getting stuck on her back. One day she did a pretty big roll, but when she was about at the turning point, she flung herself back over and laid there with the most terrified look on her face.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by BMBlackbird on 03-08-2010
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