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  • Re: Prascend now FDA approved as cushings drug

    WTW, Do you know how this is different from Pergolide? I'm currently helping rehab a 21 year old Mustang mare who foundered due to Cushings. She's currently on Pergolide, Bute, and a chasteberry supplement. Would this new drug be different (better?) than the Pergolide???
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by Frizzle on 11-18-2011
  • Re: Paint mare with great potential as a jumper languishing away her days in Nowheresville, Texas

    [quote user="Aurora79854"] Tennessee Walker [or potentially, with Saddlebred] long, nimble legs. She has 'star quality' written all over her, plus the obvious scope and musculature to carry her over 4'6" fences easily, as well as to have potentially fabulous successes in the hunters ring. [/quote] Um. A Tennessee Walker or Saddlebred capable of jumping 4'6"? Or able to do exceptionally well in (rated) hunter competitions? I would like to see that.
    Posted to English (Forum) by Frizzle on 11-04-2011
  • Re: Dressage/Mane Question

    I roached Salem's mane this summer and I LOVE it! He has such a thick, unruly mane with tons of cowlicks and it does not stay one one side, no matter what I do. The roach is the perfect solution--it looks neat and tidy and kinda rock-n-rollish. And, believe me, I am the worst person at hair maintenance and even *I* manage to keep it looking nice (and semi-even).
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by Frizzle on 10-16-2011
  • Re: new product

    [quote user="Missyclare"]the Uckele is natural molasses in one (which is not available right now) and natural peppermint. In other words, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down[/quote] Missyclare, look closer at the label--"Equisweet Flavored Sugar-Free." Yes, they are peppermint and molasses flavored. Zero sugar.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Frizzle on 10-15-2011
  • Re: new product

    Uckele also has some sugar-free liquid flavorings to disguise nasty-tasting stuff. I've never tried them, but I'm a big fan of Uckele products. And PSA about the Zimectrin Gold--there have been many incidents of mouth/esophogeal ulcers & blisters associated with this product. 48, it sounds like your horses have been fine, but I just want to put this out there for others. Personally, I stick to Equimax or Quest Plus for tapes.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Frizzle on 10-13-2011
  • Re: Where is the best place for horses during a hurricane?

    So glad to hear you guys made it through alright, CG! Yes, you're very lucky that you had so little damage. That's a huge relief, I'm sure! And it sounds like the ponies made it through unscathed (although good thing Tac was out by himself while he was swinging branches around, lol -- what a funny guy!). Be careful during your clean-up -- after one hurricane, I was out in the yard clearing branches and ended up with a rusty nail in my toe. Not fun! Well, make sure ya get some rest and
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by Frizzle on 08-31-2011
  • Re: Vaccines

    Sorry, I don't have any journal articles for you, but like 48 said, ask your vet. Also, you could print out info about diseases that we vaccinate against (EEE, WEE, VEE, West Nile, tetanus, etc) and maybe the stats for your area so she's more informed about why she needs to vaccinate. If your friend has never vaccinated her horse before, it would be a good idea to give them over a period of a few days/weeks rather than all at once.That will lessen the chances of her having a reaction. Because
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by Frizzle on 08-30-2011
  • Re: Where is the best place for horses during a hurricane?

    Thanks for the blog shout-out, guys! Fortunately, I didn't have to follow my own advice, since the only bit of Irene we saw was the extreme outer bands; but I hope maybe it gave a few ideas to some people who aren't used to dealing with hurricanes. Here's a link to where you can buy the agricultural greasepaint sticks -- They also have spray-paint that is safe to use on animals (but, personally,
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by Frizzle on 08-30-2011
  • Re: Juicy Poo

    Try some Bio Sponge from Platinum Performance. It works wonders.
    Posted to Horse Care (Forum) by Frizzle on 08-22-2011
  • Re: JG's still on the train

    [quote user="journeygirl"]even the ordeal with the train made it worth NOT driving in Chicago. Ask dd and SH, I was cowering on the floor while driving back to ss's. Takes a lot to make me do that lol. [/quote] Ha! If you think driving in Chi-town is bad, try driving in Miami! There are a LOT of people down here who don't even have a license. Or turn signals. Or fear of death, apparently.
    Posted to Off The Wall (Forum) by Frizzle on 07-28-2011
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