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  • Weanling has stopped eating in his grain

    I have a 41/2 month old foal that has been eating a mare and foal pellet since he was a week old. He was eating four cups daily but he has recently stopped eating it. It began last Wednesday morning. He turned his nose up to his am and pm feeding. I didn't think too much about it because he was eating...
    Posted to Forum by tls231 on 09-19-2007
    Filed under: feed, weanling, feeding
  • Concerned about what a boarder is feeding...

    Due to some issues beyond their control and have decided that they will only be able to come out in the afternoon to feed their HYPP H/N quarter horse 8 lbs at a time of the following feed: Equine Nutrition — XTN TM Features High nutrient density to support high performance and superior endurance. An...
    Posted to Forum by dbbear on 09-25-2007
    Filed under: feed, Diet Control, Overfeeding, Colic
  • Weevils in Horse Feed

    Dear Friends: I have never had this problem before. I bought about 12 bags of sweet feed about a month and a half ago. I opened one of the bags today and it has weevils in it! Can anyone tell me: 1. Did the weevils likely come IN the bag from the feed store or did they come from my place? 2. Will it...
    Posted to Forum by Janet A. Thomas on 10-13-2007
    Filed under: feed
  • Re: Need to put weight on my mare, but she has Cushings

    I let my vet, Dr. P, know what I was feeding Bri, she said that was OK. Here's the article she wrote for Horse Illustrated on Cushing's Disease: She only gets 1/2 flake of alfalfa a day. Her grain, Integrity Lite, is...
    Posted to Forum by Briahna's Mom on 10-31-2007
    Filed under: feed, feeding, putting weight on
  • Re: Need to put weight on my mare, but she has Cushings

    [quote user="walkinthewalk"] That is a great article and I copied the link over to my local messge board. Now that I have an EMS horse and realize how subtle and insidious Cushings can be, I am trying to raise awareness. Dr.Posnikoff must feel your horse isn't in the severe Cushings category...
    Posted to Forum by Briahna's Mom on 10-31-2007
    Filed under: feed, feeding, hoof care, barefoot trimming, weight, putting weight on
  • giving vinegar?

    My horseshoe guy suggested giving approx. 1 oz. per 1,000 lbs weight apple cider vinegar to my mare daily as an aid in her regular worming schedule, and said it would also help with eliminating sand from her gut. I've heard of feeding garlic to repel flies, but how much? Also has anyone ever heard...
    Posted to Forum by Burgett on 03-24-2008
    Filed under: feed, home recipes, fly managment, supplements
  • Re: Picky Hay Eaters?

    "If you choose to introduce beet pulp do it a little at a time and with some kind of tastey addition.. We add flax seed and rice bran. Even my pickiest TBs like the beet pullp." Barbara, Don't want to hijack this thread but I'm curious about the flax seed. I feed Briahna a Cushing's...
    Posted to Forum by Briahna's Mom on 10-17-2008
    Filed under: beet pulp, feed, feeding, Suppliments, nutrition, Cushings
  • Re: Picky Hay Eaters?

    I also have some picky hay eaters in the age ranges you mention. In fact your horses sound like they are my horses! I live in a state where hay is so dear that I had to do something. I put everyone's hay either up in a bag or in a feeder. I use bags instead of nets because there is way less danger...
    Posted to Forum by Lizbethboz on 10-07-2008
    Filed under: forage, beet pulp, feed, feeding, Colic, weight, winter, hay feeder, feeds, alfalfa, grass hay, picky eater, older horses, hay bags
  • Need advice on moving horse from stall feeding to pasture

    We have just moved back to Utah where we lived a long time ago. My horse, Briahna, won't be here until next week. I've got the opportunity to keep her in a pasture of a friend of ours. She's got Cushing's, but it's controlled by a daily dose of pergolide and her diet. She'll be...
    Posted to Forum by Briahna's Mom on 07-05-2009
    Filed under: forage, feed, grass
  • Quick question about supplements

    I was seeing if anyone would take 3-4 min and fill out a survey related to a new horse supplement. I'm a grad student in Kentucky and my team and I are starting to develop a new product in the equine supplement field, but we need to do a little initial market research first. I think you all will...
    Posted to Forum by sserdoz on 03-11-2011
    Filed under: feed, supplements
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