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  • Horses in Watercolor

    Horses in Watercolor Category: Art and Photography I get asked all the time about my watercolor methods and how I do this or that to create a painting. So I have the brilliant idea to video myself doing a watercolor and make it available online. I am walking downstairs looking at my long-unused video...
    Posted to Weblog by cliffysmom on 09-19-2007
    Filed under: horse, art, watercolor, Morgan, painting, Michigan, stories, books
  • Equestrian Look Making You Mad For Riding Boots?

    This is so fun! I used to love dressing up and riding my grandpa's Arabians in local parades. Lucky for me, the hit show Mad Men has made it fashionable to wear my riding attire in any setting :-). My favorties picks right now are at my other blog .
    Posted to Weblog by gobytrain on 08-14-2008
    Filed under: fashion, boots, parade, riding, horse gift, arabian, horse, riding boots, gifts, apparel, jewelry
  • Using Gypsum in Stalls and Turnout

    My mare motel-type stalls lead to a large turnout. I use grindings in the stalls, the turnout area is desert dirt. Recent rains and a tendency for my horses to urinate in one favorite spot have created a mushy, messy wet area. I mean some of the area is so muddy your boot can get caught in it. Is there...
    Posted to Forum by vanmos on 12-23-2008
    Filed under: turnout, horse, mushy, puddle, muddy, paddock, soaking wet, wet stall, mud, gypsum
  • June Horse Carnival has been released

    A June edition of the horse carnival has been released. There are a lot of interesting articles which you may enjoy - including Lessons from the great outdoors with horses. We can learn a great deal from these magnificant creatures. Hope you enjoy:
    Posted to Forum by Givemegait on 06-09-2009
    Filed under: gaited horse, rocky mountain horse, gaited breed, spotted saddle horse, Missouri foxtrotter, Beginner, gaited breed lover, Gaited breed Rocky Kentucky Mountain Horse, horse, foal, outdoors, breeding, carnival, pasture
  • Barns using Facebook

    I was wondering if any barns are using Facebook as a way of attracting boarders and riders. If so, what are you doing and how successful has it been? As everyone knows, the economy is hurting just about everyone and the barn where I ride is no different. My barn owner was asking me about getting on Facebook...
    Posted to Forum by kingsenglish on 08-09-2009
    Filed under: Live to ride-Ride to live, helpful hints, love, horses, barn work, boarders, Horse lovers, horse, barn

    Good morning sir. I am really hoping that this is a good email address for you and that it reaches you. I am the lead humane investigator for the Humane Society of North Texas. I am sure you will receive a wonderful response to your article in the September issue of EQUUS , and I wanted to take the time...
    Posted to Forum by tlrobertshsnt on 09-07-2009
    Filed under: society, horse, cruelty, slaughter, animal, humane, texas, neglect

    Hello, tlrobertshsnt ~ I couldn't agree with you more. You are 100% on the mark, as was the editorial. If we'd had the guts to just take slaughter completely off the table long ago, I'm sure we would have come up with better solutions by now because we would have had no choice. As long as...
    Posted to Forum by indymom on 09-08-2009
    Filed under: EQUUS magazine, horse slaughter, horse, cruelty, slaughter, humane, texas, neglect
  • Re: January Horse of the Month

    I would like to nominate, Cas-sel Canadian Classic a Morgan mare that was born to give and receive, she was the youngest Morgan to receive the Versatile Medallion of Canada. She has not only been a loyal horse to me, but has been a fine example of a patient loving horse that is approachable by any toddler...
    Posted to Forum by Lynn Danyluk on 12-15-2009
    Filed under: photos, love, Horse and Rider, breeding, Horse lovers are stable people!, Horse lovers, horse, Horse of the Month, AEAS
  • Before I spend $15,000 on a Eventing Thoroughbred

    Before I go Spend $15,000 on this Thoroughbred Gelding I want to see if he is as good as they say:(haven't shown eventing much can do Cross Country, Meduim Dressage, and showjumping but haven't competed in Eventing yet) He is a Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding for sale on this site(I know right...
    Posted to Forum by Eclipse295 on 01-21-2010
    Filed under: conformation, jumping, dressage, Horse, Buying, Thoroughbred, Eventing
  • Improving Whoa?

    So the other day I am out riding. We are just out riding along the rode just going were ever the mood strikes and a car decides they aren't going to slow down as they pass us and decide to honk the car horn at Bandit. I am already ready to go slap them upside the head to try and knock some seance...
    Posted to Forum by Western Princess on 03-20-2010
    Filed under: Westen, Horse, Whoa
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