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  • Swelling in guttural pouch area, Thoroughbred

    Hi everyone, I was looking for some advice or information regarding a one sided swelling on my horse's throat area. It actually abscessed about 4 months ago, was lanced and flushed using phosphate buffered saline ( pretty much drained a pale yellow clear liquid) and he was given a course of antibiotics...
    Posted to Forum by TGKnightV on 02-27-2009
    Filed under: empyema, drainage, infection, lymph node issue, fungus, swollen guttural pouch
  • Guttural Pouch Tympany

    My mom's horse has been almost definitely diagnosed with guttural pouch tympany (they just have to rules out strangles at MSU as a formality), and I was wondering how horses get it. I know there are articles about it in Equus about it, but I'm not sure if I have those issues. Anyone know?
    Posted to Forum by DiamondLake on 12-01-2011
    Filed under: infection, pouch, disease, guttural, tympany
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